The first steps that must be taken to obtain financial freedom with Bitcoin

The first steps on the ladder of financial sovereignty through Bitcoin

Using Bitcoin to achieve financial freedom is a reality that can be achieved, if you know what the first steps that must be carried out to achieve that longed-for sovereignty are.

The first steps on the ladder of financial sovereignty through Bitcoin

Making an analogy using the rungs of a ladder, one can easily illustrate the first steps that must be taken to achieve financial sovereignty. One of the most important human freedoms for people in the 21st century.

This ladder is most important and necessary in parts of the world where war is raging, such as Afghanistan or Syria . It is also badly needed in areas of the world where the national currency is rapidly losing its value and also where financial repression is rampant.

Or for those people who don’t trust their governments or central bankers to act with their best intentions. It is for those who are fully willing to accept full responsibility for their finances . So this almost always ends up being a fairly small number of people expressed as a percentage of the population. Everyone has this ladder at their complete disposal, yet few people will choose to climb it all the way to the top.

The first steps on the ladder of financial sovereignty through Bitcoin

The importance of taking the first steps of climbing the ladder

The main reason why it is important to climb this ladder today is because of rampant stealth theft in all currencies from all over the world. There is no government-controlled currency anywhere on the planet that maintains its value over time.

The elderly and the poor are the most harmed by central banks and by governments around the world.

But it’s not all bad news

It is the first time in the history of money that there is a way for average people to save their wealth in a way that cannot be devalued as long as that wealth is in people’s possession.

One way the individual can set up their own decentralized bank. You can also safeguard your wealth in a way that it cannot be confiscated. In a way that generates a level of property rights that until now was totally impossible to conceive, much less achieve.

These are the first steps of the ladder

The first steps that must be taken to achieve financial freedom and sovereignty are described below.

Step one: You have to be aware of Bitcoin , this awareness can be based on reading an article about this cryptocurrency. But to understand Bitcoin, one must go far beyond consciousness. Following New York Digital Investment Group CEO Ross Stevens; which ensures that learning Bitcoin is like learning a foreign language. You can buy Bitcoin, but that doesn’t mean Bitcoin is already being talked about or thought about; learning it is an arduous task, but it has a huge reward.

Step Two: Bitcoin must be purchased from a centralized exchange . This is not completely necessary, but in reality everyone starts out this way. If you are smart enough to buy the cryptocurrency without using a centralized exchange, that would be perfect. Many people trade gold or silver for Bitcoin directly. The important thing to remember with exchanges is that you don’t have the cryptocurrency yet, you get an IOU for Bitcoin from the exchange.

If the systems in the exchanges fail or are hacked, the person is exposed to losing Bitcoin or possibly not being able to spend or move their Bitcoin off the exchange platform. Most of these exchanges are very easy to use and a large portion of people may never get past this step or rung on the ladder to financial sovereignty .


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