Burn Punks NFT Project

Burn Punks is a metaverse brand and community building the first and largest community driven Shiba burn.

Burn Punks NFT Project to Burn Up to 20 Billion Shiba Inu

An Original collection of 3D NFT punks will fund the largest community driven Shiba Burn.
Burn Punks is a 3D punk inspired NFT project launched by a decentralized, global group of artists
and developers. This unique punk NFT combines high-quality generative art, gamification,
immediate utility, and blockchain innovation in to one historically significant project.

Co-founder, Arson Wells, stated that Burn Punks was inspired by the Shiba Inu community and
the innovative things they do to increase the value of their coin. His hope is that Burn Punks can
become part of their legacy and support the existing community in new ways. Burn Punks refers
to themselves as a community driven Shiba Burn, because the quantity of Shiba burned (removed
from circulation), date of the presale, and the very existence of the burn are completely
determined by the community.

To encourage participation and accelerate growth of the
community every new Twitter follower or Discord member will add 30,000 Shiba Inu to the burn
and 200,000,000 Shiba will be added when YouTube channels with more than 20,000 subscribers
post a video about the project and notify the Burn Punks.

In addition to the goal of creating the largest single Shiba burn, Burn Punks is reserving a
percentage of the profits from the sale to go toward creating or investing in other Shiba projects
that seek to provide utility to the coin or systemically burn Shiba in predictable ways. Burn Punks
also plans to invest directly in the community by providing funding and launch support for
community member projects and the continued promotion of the Burn Punks NFTs to maintain
a high floor value for investors.

For more information, please visit https://burnpunks.io


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